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The Long Table, Abbot Street, E8

Retro-glamorous dames, glowering night skies, clouds of steam, graffiti… is it just me or does The Long Table in Dalston have a touch of Bladerunner about it? Anyway, I didn’t see any replicants being hunted down when I was there, just lots of people eating very good food. The setting is a car park behind Café Oto which has been turned into a night market: it will open every Friday (6pm–midnight) until Christmas. Long covered tables in the centre provide a nice communal place to eat, candles, lanterns and open fires lend atmosphere and warmth, and fantastic food stalls serve everything from Vietnamese banh mi to jerk chicken, with plenty in between. The only downside is you have to arrive early to avoid the enormous snaking queue. Here are some stalls…

Takoyaki had the best headgear of any stall

And here’s what I ate, after much dithering: Moro’s sumptuous chorizo and chestnut soup, and a mince pie from Lili Vanilli. Tasty.

Lili Vanilli’s mince pie

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    Wow! Very atmostpheric Helena. I love the POV shots at the end, its a relief to know the photographer get fed! e

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