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Tacochu at Palm 2, 152–156 Lower Clapton Road, E5

Cherry blossom


Eat Hackney has already blogged about the joys of Palm 2, Hackney’s favourite cornershop. But it’s take her a wee while to get to the shop’s gorgeous new upstairs space where Rose Lam has been running successful and varied food-related events for the last year. Last week Tacochu popped up at Palm 2, with a sell-out celebration of spring in Japan. Sushi, soba and plenty of sake were on the menu…

Erica and helper

Erica and guest chef Jochem Hoekstra from Floyd’s in Dalston


Erica Dorn started Tacochu as a street food stall focusing on taco rice, the Japanese/Tex Mex fusion that resulted from the US occupation of the island province of Okinawa. Noting the lack of Japanese restaurants in Hackney and the general tendency of Japanese eating places to concentrate on fancy food, Erica held her first supper club in a Morning Lane café. She aims to share katei-ryori, or family cooking – homely, healthy and comforting.

Portal to Palm 2's event space

The unlikely portal to Palm 2’s event space

The event at Palm 2 was based on hanami, the Japanese tradition of parking up under a cherry tree in full blossom, getting sozzled on sake and having a picnic. The food was bite-sized, including a bento box with miso-marinated black cod, spicy ginger aubergine, lotus root tempura and dashi egg roll. Front of house was Paul Bangerter, and sake was provided by Oliver Hilton-Johnson of Tengu Sake, a sake sommelier who enthused about the sacred and secular uses of the rice-wine drink, of which there are 30,000 varieties. Cherry blossom is seen a symbol of transience, so hanami is both a celebration and a reminder to seize the moment. Kanpai, and carpe diem Hackney…

Here are some great recipes from Erica, for sea bream sashimi salad and edamame burgers.



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