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Sweetdram at the Geffrye Museum

Geffrye MuseumAt the barThe herb garden behind the Geffyre Museum looks, with its artful foliage arches and dense herb beds, as if it has been around for a couple of hundred years. In fact it’s a relatively new creation, planted as a homage to the area’s now vanished market gardens.


Eat Hackney’s mum Angela enjoys a Strawberry Fields cocktail

Liqueur specialists Sweetdram used herbal inspiration from the Geffrye for their pop-up sited in the garden. On a balmy August evening Eat Hackney, her mum, dad and brother sampled cocktails, while other guests strolled the walkways, played Connect 4 on the lawn and enjoyed one of the borough’s more
mellow green spaces.

Sweetdram are the creators of Escubac, a modern liqueur distilled in antique copper stills in the Loire Valley in France using fourteen aromatic botanicals, including caraway, cardamom, nutmeg and citrus. The cocktails served at the Geffrye blended Escubac with cherry, lavender, rum and other delicious ingredients.

Peach MitchellSalut and merci to Sweetdram for their leafy summer event, and for recipes for their bespoke beverages Strawberry Fields and Peach Mitchell.
GreenhouseAnd look out for the Gimlet Bar pop-up here in September, when more leafy infusions and esoteric brews will be on the menu.

Connect 4

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