Super chocolate cake

Agnes Jekyll, 1922

Lest this last calls for a reproach from the thrifty, here is a nice useful cake suited to the Rector’s 5 o’clock call, or the ladies of the local political organisation in conclave, and good for the office luncheon tin or the fisherman’s basket next day.

Half a pound fresh butter beaten to a cream, 7 eggs (yolks and whites beaten separately, and the whites stirred in the last thing), 1/2 lb best vanilla chocolate grated and heated in oven, then beaten up in the butter with 3oz dried flour, 1/2 lb sifted sugar, 4 oz ground almonds, 1 teaspoonful of sal volatile. Bake in a slack oven, then ice with thin soft icing flavoured with maraschino. If ingredients are thoroughly beaten up it will be very light.

For some great guidance on making super chocolate cake, see Am Jam Eats.

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