Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields15ml Strawberry Fino *
12.5ml ELLC vodka
10ml Escubac
10ml lemon juice
5ml Noilly Dry Vermouth
100ml prosecco
splash of soda

Pour all the ingredients apart from the prosecco and soda into a large wine glass and top with ice. Pour over the prosecco and finish with a splash of soda and a strawberry to garnish.

*To make the strawberry Fino: cover two cups of chopped fresh strawberries in four cups of white sugar and leave for twelve hours in a large, sealed container. After another twelve hours, pour 70cl of Fino sherry into the container with 1 vanilla pod. Leave for a further twelve hours to infuse before double-straining the resulting mix into a clean, sealable container. The Fino should keep refrigerated for three to four weeks.

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