Polenta and polpettine

Polenta with polpettine and tomato sauce


500g polenta
1.5 litre vegetable stock
0.5 litre milk
chopped sage and thyme
salt and white pepper
125g Parmigiano reggiano
50g Taleggio
50g cream
oil for frying

Bring stock and milk to a rolling boil, add the herbs, salt and pepper, and slowly add the polenta, stirring continuously and allowing to gelatinise. Stir every few minutes until quite firm, add the cheese and cream and pour into a receptacle such as a large loaf tin. Cover and leave for 30min. Turn out, slice and fry until golden.

Polpettine (meatballs)

25g minced onion
1 minced garlic clove
fennel seeds
chilli flakes
100g pork mince
100g beef mince
10g breadcrumbs
10g Parmigiano reggiano
a little beaten egg, a little water
salt and black pepper

Sweat onions and garlic, then add the fennel seeds and chilli flakes and allow to cool. Mix with meat and all the other ingredients, roll into little balls with wet hands and refrigerate. Fry them the meatballs, serve with tomato sauce or similar. Add lovage seeds to the meatballs for extra pep!

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