Peach Mitchell

Peach Mitchell25ml Escubac
15ml good white rum
10ml lemon
peach and lavender cola*
basil to garnish

Pour the Escubac, rum and lemon over ice, stir and top with cola and finish with a single basil leaf.

*To make the cola

5g cinnamon
2g coriander seed
2g nutmeg
2g lemon peel
2g bitter orange peel
3g lavender flower
150g fresh peach
2g dried apricot
150g spring water
350g granulated sugar
100g brown sugar
2g citric acid
2g vanilla extract
0.3g ginger oil
4g red food colouring

Use scales to weigh the dry and wet ingredients. Put all dry botanicals into a cast iron pot. A heavy lid is important to trap moisture and maintain consistency, and cast iron is good for even heat distribution. Slice the peaches into segments and remove the stones. Dice the apricots and add them. Add the sugar and wet ingredients and stir to homogenise. Turn on a very low heat and allow the syrup to be brought to a simmer. Cook for approximately 1hr 15m or just before the fruit begins to stew. Remove from the heat and allow to cool. Filter through muslin cloth.

Dilute at a ratio of 16:80 syrup to spring water. Use still water if you have a soda stream or a sparking water with a good bubble count if not. Use the scales again to balance the mass ratio.

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