Chicken roast dinner sandwich

white bloomer
cranberry sauce
sliced roast chicken
Paxo sage stuffing
sliced carrots & parsnips, roasted in olive oil till soft, skins left on
packet of dried onion flakes
Bisto gravy from a jar
salt & pepper

Cut three slices of bread 1cm thick. Butter two of the slices.

Lie one slice on a plate, butter side up. Add cranberry sauce, two slices of chicken, Paxo stuffing, three slices each of carrot and parsnip and a sprinkling of onion flakes.

Spread the unbuttered slice of bread with Bisto gravy and add to the pile.

Add another layer of chicken, paxo stuffing, carrot and parsnip, onion flakes and cranberry sauce. Season and top with the final piece of bread, buttered side down.

Pierce with a cocktail stick and serve cold.

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