+++Newest recipes+++

Turnip cake from my neighbours the dumplings
Cream of fennel and celeriac soup from Dalston Eastern Curve Garden
Irish soda bread with rosemary and sultanas from Dalston Eastern Curve Garden


Beetroot salad from Mazí Mas
Beetroot and walnut hummus from Growing Communities
Breakfast eggs and rainbow chard from the Evering Road Garden Project
Chilli and anchovy kale pasta from Growing Communities
Cobbi vatana from Gujarati Rasoi
Crostini from the E5 Bakehouse
Cucumber sandwiches
from Nana’s
Edamame burgers from Tacochu
Egyptian falafel from Café Olive
Gazpacho from Palm 2
Gözleme from Palm 2
Guvech from Bags of Taste
Kidney bean and beet salad from The People’s Kitchen
Kookoo sabzi from Global Feast
Los Serrano salad from the Ship of Adventures
Mashed yam balls with golden gari crust from Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen
Mugg from Gujarati Rasoi
Onion and cep tart from Forest Foragers
Pea & broad bean bruschetta from The Hackney Pearl
Persian bejewelled rice from Global Feast
Pumpkin pasta from The London Orchard Project
Råraka (crispy potato cake) from Cooper & Wolf
Riatha from Gujarati Rasoi
Ribollita from the E5 Bakehouse
Rice n peas from Rudie’s
Saffron & yoghurt potato kookoo from Zardosht
Smoked mozzarella salad from Frizzante
Spring risotto from Hackney Homemade market
Swiss chard gratin with poached egg from Merci Marie
Tarte à la tomate from NLAH
Waakye from Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen


Braised red cabbage from The London Orchard Project
Cassoulet from Maeve’s Kitchen
Chicken roast dinner sandwich from Hunt & Darton
Cornish pasties from the E5 Bakehouse
Egyptian lamb stew from Café Olive
Ethiopian beef stew from Mazí Mas
Fabada Asturiana from Granny Lopez
Game casserole with wild mushrooms from Forest Foragers
Goat curry from Mama Vic’s Plantain Parlour
Jerk chicken from Rudie’s
Lamb and tomato tagine with seven vegetables, chickpeas and couscous from Headway
Pastilla from L’Epicerie
Persian spiced citrus roasted poussins from Global Feast
Polenta and polpettine from Hackney Homemade market
Pulled pork in pale ale from Clapton Hart
Rabbit terrine from Merci Marie
Pytt i panna (“bits in a pan”) from Cooper & Wolf
Rabbit and brandy terrine from Frizzante
Red stewed pork (hong shao rou) from Parkholme Supper Club
Sourdough pizza from Better Health Bakery
Spegelpølse from Chase & Sorensen
Steak tartare from L’Entrepôt


Ackee and saltfish from Rudie’s
Beetroot-cured salmon canapes from Forman’s
Fresh roll with shrimp from Mein Tay
Ginger fish and stir-fried beans from Bags of Taste
Moqueca fish stew from Maeve’s Kitchen
Poached wild fresh salmon from Forman’s
Prawn with sugar cane from Mein Tay
Quinoa and prawn chowder from Andina
Sea bream sashimi salad from Tacochu
Skagen from Chase & Sorensen
Smoked salmon starter from Forman’s
Sushi rice with salmon, furikake and seaweed salad from Gayhurst Community School
Walnut boats and smoked salmon rillette from Wild Food Kitchen

Sauces, chutneys and jams

Beetroot & horseradish chutney from NLAH
Fig and Earl Grey jam from London Borough of Jam
Kashmiri sauce from Hackney Homemade market
Pear & cardamom chutney from NLAH


Baked apples from The London Orchard Project
Brandied cherries in mascarpone with biscotti from Forman’s
Bread and butter pudding from the E5 Bakehouse
Chocolate ganache berry squares from Growing Communities
Cranachan from Forest Foragers
Honey ice-cream from The Hackney Pearl
Kueh kodok (banana fritters) from The People’s Kitchen
Mango pudding from Parkholme Supper Club
Natillas from Granny Lopez
Peruvian porridge from Andina
Pineapple upside down cake from POND Dalston
Rosehip syrup from Forest Foragers
Spiced pears and iced white chocolate parfait from Wild Food Kitchen
Tiramisu from Gallo Nero

Cakes & baking

Acton ginger bread from Great Food
Carraway cakes from Great Food
Clafoutis from L’Epicerie
Chocolate and almond torte from the E5 Bakehouse
Chocolate whoopie pie from Violet
Granola from the Ship of Adventures
Kanelbullar (cinnamon buns) from Cooper & Wolf
Marchpane from Great Food
Matcha biscuits from the Ship of Adventures
Rosewater and pistachio whoopie pie from Violet
Super chocolate cake from Great Food
Victoria sponge from Nana’s


Airmail from 69 Colebrook Row
Baobab mohito from Little Baobab
Bloody Ruby from Ruby’s
Campari spritz from The Hackney Pearl
Chicago fizz from 69 Colebrook Row
Dalston Ti Punch from POND Dalston
Gin cocktail from East London Liquor Company
Clapton Christmas from Bonneville
Hemingway daiquiri from 69 Colebrook Row
Jeremy Flaxman from the Ship of Adventures
Le Chât de Noël from Bonneville
Love Thy Neighbour from Butler’s Gin
Lucyfer from Ruby’s
Mojito from 69 Colebrook Row
Secret Agent from The Savoy