Il Cudega, 358 Westgate Street, E8

Coffee machine

Il Cudega is a first for Hackney, and probably for London too: a café/wine bar/deli specialising in food from Lombardy, the generous sweep of northern […]

Rudie’s, 50 Stoke Newington Road, N1


There’s no Caribbean kitsch at new Jamaican restaurant Rudie’s, where elegant wooden columns subtly mimic the shape of palm trees, a cool collection of vinyl […]

Posh Club, St Paul’s West Hackney


On stage, a strapping Nigerian man in a dress, huge falsies and a wig booms out a show-stopping rendition of “Old Man River”, while his […]

Gayhurst Community School, E8


  With 600 small and demanding diners to feed in an hour each lunchtime, Nicole Pisani has her work cut out for her. Her previous […]

Coffee in Hackney

Kaffa Coffee

Hackney has undergone a massive transition in terms of its coffee consumption in the last few years. Eat Hackney recently dreamily recounted to me a […]

Ship of Adventures, 138 Kingsland High Street, E8


The timber embrace of the Ship of Adventures is one of Dalston’s most unlikely and endearing experiences. This is the ship-shaped shop and café of […]

Chesham Arms, 15 Mehetabel Rd E9

Chesham Arms

The roots of the public house, one of Britain’s most distinctive institutions, can be traced as far back as the Romans. Surviving through the centuries, […]

Little Baobab, 159 Lower Clapton Road E5

Little Baobab bar

The baobab is the ‘tree of life’, providing edible fruit, fibre for clothing and rope, and storage for hundreds of litres of water – the […]

POND Dalston, Stamford Works, 3 Gillett Street N16


Hawaiian restaurant POND Dalston is a visual knock out, taking a Victorian warehouse and shaking it up with an elongated bar, red leather booths that […]

Clapton Hart, 231 Lower Clapton Road, E5

Clap Hart

The first thing that strikes you about the Clapton Hart is its size. A grand, late-nineteenth-century pile, its huge picture windows bathe the front of […]