Eat Hackney
Eat Hackney
Local food from around the world

Eat Hackney is a world food tour within London’s most vibrant borough, exploring restaurants, cafés, supper clubs, pop ups, community projects and food shops in the area. People share their favourite pescatarian recipes, so you can cook and eat Hackney too.

Search for an ingredient or dish to source recipes for veggie and fish mains, puddings, breads, biscuits, cakes, sauces, jam, chutneys and drinks.

The Eat Hackney Cookbook raises funds for North London Action for the Homeless and the Hackney Migrant Centre. To buy the Cookbook, email and we’ll send a copy (£5 plus £1.45 for UK p&p; £3.75 for Europe). Watch a very short film about the project.

‘Well looky here, what a great idea this is! The ‘Eat Hackney Cookbook’ is a cute, colourful little booklet containing 30 fab recipes from restaurants, cafés and community projects…’ Time Out

'An imaginative collection of 30 mouth-watering recipes from restaurants, cafés, shops and community projects, reflecting the kaleidoscope of different cultures in the area.’ Hackney Citizen

‘In a colourful demonstration of the variety and diversity contained in London’s borough of Hackney, this cool new cookbook dedicated to the area includes recipes from Arabic, Swedish and Malaysian food to Ghanaian, Turkish and Gujarati.’ It's Nice That

Helena Smith

writes and photographs Eat Hackney; she also created Inside Hackney, a free community guide to the borough which she writes, photographs and self-publishes.

eat |i:t|

NOUN put (food) into the mouth and chew and swallow it

VERB light food or snacks

ORIGIN Old English etan, of Germanic origin, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin edere and Greek edein