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Granny Lopez @ the Arcola Theatre

MenuGranny Lopez is a cute Spanish pop-up run by a friends who want to share traditional recipes from home. They popped up at the Arcola with a simple but delicious formula, serving a reasonably priced two-course meal with no frills and no menu, just authentic well-cooked food.

Granny Lopez

PearThe menu at the Arcola conjured a Granny from the Rioja region, with Lentejas a la Riojana – a fantastically rich meaty stew with chorizio, panceta and lentils. And for seconds there were red pears dripping with velvety Rioja wine juice. Granny Lopez have shared a recipe for an awesome winter-warmer Asturian stew: Fabada Asturiana. In their words, “it is very easy to get it wrong but a few tips will make us cry with emotion at a proper Fabada Asturiana.” Plus there’s a recipe for natillas – a light eggy custard.

Natillas The pop-up shows what can be done with little more than good cooking and charming service – look out for the Granny Lopez gang popping up at venues round east London, including the new dining space at Palm 2. Thanks to Clara Sancho-Arroyo for her lovely illustrations.



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  1. Antonio López Castrillo
    Posted 17 Dec ’13 at 7:28 am | Permalink

    What is on my mind is the traditional taste from my first years, those which belong to the best reminds what is possible to recover from the true live, the experience from the elderly people, the granny who everybody has into the hearth.
    Congratulations to those wonderfull group of cooking artists¡¡¡

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