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Gallo Nero, 75 Stoke Newington High St, N16

Pasta sauceFor anySweetsone who has spent time in Italy, the foodie clutter of Gallo Nero is charmingly familiar. Fat rounds of parmesan sit alongside piles of foil-wrapped Baci chocolates, Parma hams hang from the ceiling, bowls gleam with sundried tomatoes and sticky candied peel, the scent of fresh ciabatta fills the air and photos of the grinning Italian football squad are pinned under shelves groaning with limoncello and vin santo.

SaporiMichael Mori, whose parents emigrated from a village near Lucca in the 1950s, has been running the deli since 1988. As unchanging as the shop’s mock Tudor décor, Michael’s intention is to provide Stoke Newington with affordable and good quality Italian food, from legendary homemade pesto to crunchy sfogliatelle pastries.

In the populist spirit of Gallo Nero, here are their recipes for die hard Italian classics lasagne and tiramisu. Buon appetito Hackney!





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